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Lignar: Dust Control System Specialist

Lignar: Dust Control System Specialist - Publications

Energy Efficient at Lacquer Craft

A highly efficient dust filtration and extraction system allows one of the largest furniture plants in the world to substantially reduce energy cost and gain greater flexibilty in rearranging its production floor.Read More

The Wimbledon Challenge

Wimbledon International, a leading furniture manufacturer was looking to upgrade the chip and dust extraction system for its plants and had high expectations for the new system: high efficiency, flexibility, fire safety, energy savings, reliability without breakdown problems, better layout and impressive appearance. Wimbledon’s factory in HCM City was running two shifts, including Sundays. The existing factory had already been running for more than five years.Read More

台升实业有限公司: 浙江的节能集尘系统

一套高效率的粉尘过滤器及排放系统可以使世界上最大的家具生产厂家大幅度的减少其能源成本并且在重新安排生产布局的时候获得更大的机动灵活性与更理想的工作环境。Read More


作为中国规模最大,最专业的民营家具企业之一,成都全友家私有限公司以其产品系列所具有的广度、深度和关联度而著称,并配以专卖店形式的终端营销渠道为消费者提供了完善的一站式采购平台。此次,《亚洲木工业》杂志首次访问了全友板业中心的总经理高伦仁先生,分享他对公司发展的一些真知灼见。 Read More

Lignar In-House Show 2013


Latest in Woodworking Cell Concepts in August 2013 SFIC e-newsletter.

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