From Large Scale Manufacturers stretching 2Km² to workshops in SMEs, Lignar is  known for reliability throughout the years, regardless of the system size. Our air/dust control systems and central dust collection, vacuum systems and cyclones stretch from the depths of South America, Australia and Asia.

We’ve designed, engineered and manufactured air pollution and dust control systems for industries ranging from aerospace, airlines, woodworking, fibre cement, textiles, mineral wool, paper companies and institutes of higher learning.


Lignar Engineering is celebrating our 35th Anniversary in 2017, amongst the  Lignar Group of Companies that was established in 1961, 56 years ago.

We would like to Thank our People, Associates, Partners and Customers across the globe for the Support and Endorsements.

As we celebrate and renew ourselves to continue to be known for
top bedrock reliability, high energy efficiency and 360° safety standards. We look forward to your continued support and feedback.

We’ve touched the lives of our customers and their customers globally, as we provide humble support behind the manufacturing lines of your Swedish furniture, Luxurious 5 and 6 Star International Hotels, Apartments, German branded pencils to the humble paper that you are using.

We hope that you will join us and our customers on this journey in ensuring cleaner air for yourself and all of our future generations to come.

Please visit Lignar Group’s associate Hinly Machinery at to view our woodworking machines